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The band is currently working on new material and getting ready for up coming gigs in their home town of Portland, Oregon.  The Goliards will be taking time off resting weary bones in July preparing for the fall schedule (announced soon).  They are looking forward to recording again with everyone excited about the direction they are heading and the sounds they are creating.  

Goliard Super Star Log

6/9/05 - Amnesia Gig - Second Thursday music walk on Mississippi Ave.  The place was hoping with tons of folks on the streets and music up and down the strip.  The weather turned out perfect with the sun shinning and a nice mild temperature as well.  We arrived on the scene at about 6:30 and proceeded to get things set up and then sat down for a nice frothy mug of golden nectar goodness.  The IPA at Amnesia is nice and hoppy and extremely fresh as it is right from the source. If you haven't had it you must stop by and give it a try.  We started the show off with a sound check of Desert Flower.  The sound was a bit off due to the fact Mandy failed to turn the PA amp on so we were running with just monitor speakers.  Luckily the first set had a few instrumentals to help cover up our stupidity and at the break we made adjustments and then got it right for the second have of the gig.  Overall a fun time playing although we made a few mistakes and botched one of the endings (nice save Stix).  There was a photographer from the Oregonian on hand taking pictures and we hope to see our smiling mugs on the cover soon.  At first we were told to keep it down a bit so that the staff could hear when they took orders, but we were soon back to our normal levels which are relatively low for a rock band.  The second set was solid finishing with All That You had in Mind, BBC, and Fruit Check.  WTB broke a string close to the end but had the Red Mako on hand to the applause of the crowd.  "Uh oh, better get Mako".  The evening finished with frosty cold ones and we left T Goliard at the bar with a fan.  This was the last show of the spring schedule unless the gig at the end of the month works out.  The plan is that we will be getting together every couple of weeks for practice when everyone is in town.  Tyler and Neal decided that they would be getting together to work on vocals, harmonies, and new ideas.  We plan on setting up a couple of shows for the end of the summer that we will work on promoting and getting lots of folks out to have a good time.  Have a great summer Goliards!

6/7/05 - Practice At Matt's - Construction still lingers at the hawthorne house.  Mandy was unusually first on the seen, and he and Stix discussed matters at hand.  Word up to the stiggly sitxs!  The evening began with a hash of the set list for Amnesia.  As usual WTB spearheaded the project with T over seeing the finished product, while Stix and Mandy spaced out and played riffs.  We discussed playing three sets but finally settled on two one hour sets for Thursday.  We are really looking forward to the show and think that we will have a hefty crowd with quite a few people turning out just to see the and support The Goliards.  We hope to make a few bucks to help pay for the recording that we talked about tonight.  T Goliard has taken the lead in trying to track down some solid studios or friends with equipment to help us out.  Practice started off in the same realm as 5/31/05, a bit lethargic with all of us trying to get in the slot.  WTB got us out of the funk with a nice lead in on Blue Sunshine.  We played through the first set and then took a break and opened the bottle of wine we were given by our last venue (Napa Sauvignon Blanc - Warm Even!).  The wine seemed good although T Goliard made a funny face.  Energy seemed to drag a bit as we have been playing a lot and are in need of a rest.   Taking a break will do the Goliards some good.  Practice finished off with a discussion of vacations, gigs, and the web site.  WTB will be working out of town for the next two months and Stix's plan for Central America are not going to work out.  Looks like a longer break than we had anticipated.  Should be a good thing although we ideally would have recorded before our break.  We have some options to play at Jax again and a possible shot at playing The Green Room in the future.  The Plan is to schedule and promote out next gigs coming up with gusto.  We will create our future through art and poetry and change the world some day.

6/4/05 - Jax Rooftop (Starlight Parade).  The weather turned out great for our first outdoor show of the year.  The evening started off trying to get through the thick Rose Festival traffic and find a place to unload the equipment without getting towed.  After finding the loading dock, asking a few questions, and then finally parking again we set down for a nice cup of beer (gratis casa). DJ Steve K opened up the night with some low down groovy beats and his dancing attachment got the vibe going with her solo dance on the fringe.  Again, a solid turnout from our contingent of rockin' fans. Hats off to our friends that continue to support us.  It was decided early on that we would try and keep that pocket vibe going playing most of the songs from the mellow vibe region of our repertoire. No Goliard country tunes tonight.  We started the 1st set off with a version of creeper that seemed appropriate for the dusk setting.  I wonder what the people on the street thought of that one?  We ended up playing for a much shorter time than usual as there is a noise ordinance at 10:00 which we pushed to about 10:30.  The venue was a bit tight on the free beer as we only got 3 each but the food looked good and there were smiles all around.  Goliards should really focus on playing at breweries so that we are close to the source of the golden nectar and there is plenty for all weary travelers.  Yes, it must be so.  Over all a very tight good show with few mistakes.  The ambience was good with lots of people dancing which as one band member put it "you really feed off that energy when you have a group of people in front of you having a good time".  Highlights of the show included a very tall version of Fruit Check and some pocket love from BBC.  Next  show is at Amnesia which should be packed as it is Thursday night music walk.  God save the Goliards!

6/2/05 - Duff's Garage.  Thank you to all 12 fans that showed up and listened to what turned out to be a practice for Saturdays show.  The band happily used their script to get some beer and proceeded to get drunk, at least three of us did.  Mandy was drunk when he showed up, and when we left T. Goliard looked as if he'd just seen the spaceship land.  Over all we missed a few changes and played about as sloppy as a wet dog on a sofa.  We did somehow manage to finish the second set off strong closing with solid versions of BBC and Somethin's Better Than Nothin'(w/Harmonica).  Duff's Garage is a little roadhouse bar in SE Portland complete with the sultry sounds of Pattsy Cline on the Juke box.  The venue was actually pretty cool in terms of ambience but the beer seemed old and stale.  The bar would have been much better to play at if we would have had a packed house.  Too many gigs too close together?  Goliards need to work smarter, not harder.  Less shows and better promotion!

5/31/05 - Practice for upcoming gigs.  No KSR Keys due too technical malfunction (damn vintage gear).  Started off the night with band biz and a discussion as to whether or not we want to keep playing for free.  Consensus seemed to be that we will play for beer, tips and or a cut of the bar or door.  Seems that the biz side of music isn't so good, maybe a bit like the wine business.  Ultimately what we need to do is just start asking for a better deal and see where it gets us.  We have put a lot of time into making this happen and should be be making a little somethin-somethin for the effort.  After that we got down to what we were there for, ass slappin' music for the masses.  Everyone seemed a bit tired from the holiday weekend and it showed with our lethargic efforts with just about everything.  Boring.  Hopefully we find some energy for the weekend.  Goliards must drink and sing praise of satirical verse, and for God's sake eat some black pudding on the alter with our donkey's in trail.  We finished early, packed up and went home.  Good night Goliards.

5/24/05 - Practice tonight.  Should be a good time to work on some songs that have been shelved for a bit.  We are hoping to have enough material by the end of the summer to be able to change our sets up a little more for each gig.  The idea is that we can keep shows fresh for our friends and family that has been supporting us.  Rumor has it that the infamous K. Russell might show up with his Rhodes tonight.  We will see.  Maybe the spaceship will finally land....(Some time later)... Practice went well, and yes KR showed and and the sound was something extraordinary.  I think everyone realized that we need that extra sound that the keys bring.  If only we could get the boy to commit to das Goliards.  Is a part time keyboardist better than none at all?  All I can say is that we have tried, and either your on the bus or off the bus.  You can't really just ride the thing  in the luggage compartment.  The Rhodes rules and either way we will need to find someone to make it happen.  Next practice is on Tuesday with a gigs to follow through the weekend.  Looking forward to Jax's on the roof top.  Also looks like we will be playing with a band from San Francisco at the end of June.

5/20/05 -Amnesia Brewing. The gig at Amnesia was a success with a good turnout for the anniversary party.  The beer flowed and and we brought out Todd's new multi-echo toy to the enjoyment of the local alternative crowd.  Highlights of the show were several new songs which have been polished up a bit since the Paola's gig (Set Lists).  The first set was melodic and mellow while the second finished a bit livelier with songs like; Fruit Check, Kept Woman, BBC, and All That You Had In Mind. .We are gearing up for a string of shows at the beginning of June and hopefully will record soon and then vacation for the weary rock-n-rollers.








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