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Meet the Band:

Neal rockin' out
Neal Larson -"Mandy Nougat" – Guitar and Vocals

This Oregon native has been playing guitar and singing in bands for twenty years, and has a knack for improvisation with his unique style of playing.  He plays rock & roll blues with a hint of ambient jazz; and his style is self described as somewhere between Garcia, Hendrix, and JJ Cale.  A  talented songwriter with lyrically driven songs that speak to your depths and sooth your listening experience.  When not on tour with The Goliards, Neal is an aspiring winemaker working as a cellar rat for a local winery and also sells and distributes wine.  Neal lives with his long time girlie Shannon, dog "Jubal", and princess "Emma".

"Music is transcendence when you can still your mind and allow for the universe to create."  -Neal


Matt rockin' out Matt Service - "Stix Nougat" Drums and Oddities

Since hearing Bonzo's thundering heartbeat, Matt Service has known the drums were his instrument.  He relishes laying down the backbone for the goliards as part of the "World's Tallest" rhythm section .  Stix has been the Goliard most looked to for frequent muttering and raving, shocking facial contortions, as well as dropping the plunger "in the pocket".  Matt is a Portland native who lives with his two dogs in the Hawthorne district of SE Portland.  A self described imbiber of libations, Stix is often found with a nipple atop his beer bottle.  Influences include:  John Bonham, Kieth Moon, Mitch Mitchel, Elvin Jones, Stuart Copeland, Clyde Stubblefield, and Mel Brown.

"Bam bam, bam bam, bam bam!" - Stix

Tyler rockin' out  

Tyler Duval - "T. Goliard" Guitar and Vocals

Heavily influenced by a lot of things, Tyler’s musical background and style ranges far and wide.  Working with a band as open-minded as The Goliards has allowed this diversity to shine through in both songwriting and guitar playing.  To him, there’s nothing better than finding a slot within the music, and just rolling with the band.  His guitar heroes include (in no particular order):  Peter Buck, Bill Frisell, Steven Malkmus, Neil Young, and Bob Weir.  Yes, you did read that right.  Bob Weir.

"The song’s the thing, and we’ve all got a part to play in it." -Tyler

Kieran rockin' out Kieran Connolly "World's Tallest Bass"

Kieran hails originally from New York. He’s been playing the bass for 12 years. He picked up the bass in high school because, frankly, someone had to.  He’s a bassist from day one, and has never been a frustrated guitarist and never played with a pick. It's all about keeping it tight and in the pocket, and with a drummer like Stix how can you go wrong. His primary influences include John Paul Jones, Bootsy
Collins, Charles Mingus, Paul Chambers, “Cachaito”Lopez and Christian McBride. Throughout the years his playing style has had a gradual evolution from rock to straight funk and finally to more melodic jazz bass. Within the varied structure of the Goliards he’s able to incorporate all that and more.  He’s just begun composing this year and has contributed five instrumentals to the Goliards sound, ranging from Stevie Wonder influenced soul pieces to more Latin influenced jazz.

"Music is all about allowing the sound to flow from within you and not forcing notes out of your
instrument.  The more you let the song breathe and step back, the better it's going to sound." – WTB



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